Sapphire And Diamond Ring Circa 1910

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In 1901, King Edward VII took the throne, beginning the Edwardian Period, and lasting until the start of World War I. During this time, fashion and opulence characterized society with unparalleled craftsmanship, understated elegance. Femininity characterized the jewelry - colored gemstones accented rings, dangling earrings and circular pendants with garland themes. Progress made in gem cutting produced intriguing triangles, baguettes and trapeze shapes. This time in history marked England as a global, dominant force, with the wealthy living in extravagance. However, the start of World War I made for a quick end to this lavish era of the carefree spirit; precious metals became scarce, and many people hid away their jewels in vaults, or had to sell them.

This beautiful piece is currently a size 4.5.  Please inquire about resizing options.


  • 14k yellow gold
  • Diamonds total approx. one carat


  • Old European cut diamonds
  • Single cut diamonds
  • Sapphires
Sapphire And Diamond Ring Circa 1910
Sapphire And Diamond Ring Circa 1910
Sapphire And Diamond Ring Circa 1910
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