Agua Hoop Earrings

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Connected to the water element, Aquamarine is good for calming and soothing the emotions. Found and sourced from Brazil, this type of aquamarine promotes positivity and aids in depression and stress-related troubles. It is known for holding heart-based energy that works in synergy with higher chakras.

The Stones
  • Pendant length: 35mm
  • Stones can be removed and double as a pendant
The Material
  • Brazilian Milky Aquamarine 
  • 18k Yellow Gold
  • Total length: 80mm
  • Hoops length: 50mm, width: 2.5mm
Agua Hoop Earrings
Agua Hoop Earrings
Agua Hoop Earrings
Agua Hoop Earrings


Aesthetic & Inspiration

Chile. Amulets. Lukutuwe. Sacred empowerment.
Love, light, and protection.

//In Focus//


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