Arcoiris Stud Earrings

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The lukutuwe (loo-koo-too-weh) was an amulet of protection used by the native Mapuche women as a sacred symbol of empowerment. Our version serves as an amulet of love, light and protection. Rainbow Sapphire, channels the full spectrum of the chakras, and embraces the feminine energies of rose gold. 

 The Stones
  • 1.7mm (.56ct) Round Cut Natural Colored Sapphire
  • 18k Rose Gold
  • Sapphire colors may vary
The Material
  • Bottom width: 20mm, top width: 5mm, length: 16mm
Arcoiris Stud Earrings
Arcoiris Stud Earrings


Aesthetic & Inspiration

Chile. Amulets. Lukutuwe. Sacred empowerment.
Love, light, and protection.

//In Focus//


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