Les Charmantes Charm Bracelet

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Lucky charm, lucky you to own this colorful bracelet with eight playful and unique charms. The charms are all unique and whimsical, featuring shells, hearts, stars and diamonds in beautiful malachite, lapis, tiger's eye and turquoise.

  • 14k chain
  • The shell and the heart are in 14k gold. The presentation hand -with the ruby- and the star -with the diamond- are in sterling silver and 24k gold.
  • 7" long
  • Malachite, lapis lazuli, tiger's eye, turquoise
  • Made to order. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
  • Crafted in NYC
Les Charmantes Charm Bracelet
Les Charmantes Charm Bracelet
Haute Victoire


Aesthetic & Inspiration

Whimsical, feminine, bold.

//In Focus//

Haute Victoire

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